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Friday, November 25, 2011

Question and answer for interview - Part ii

Assalammualaikum dan salam 1 blogger,

Hai semua,apa khabar? Sihat? Sejak post regarding saya sayang BF awak, Anny rasa macam malu jer nak post apa2. I’m confessed that I’m doing the bad thing, hurt someone, and be evil character. Tapi siapa lah kita untuk menidakkan ketentuan Allah. I love him, I want to be his wife, mother to his son, I want to spent my whole life with him. Anny tau Anny mampu bahagiakan dia.. So why shud Anny undur diri? Anny percaya pada jodoh. Tak mau dabik dada, cukup la letak tangan dihati, Alhamdulillah cinta ini berbalas, dan Anny harap Allah tak tarik balik rasa syg dihati Anny dan juga dihati dia. YaAllah dekatkan lah selalu hati kami.

Ok cukup soal cinta, tak seronok la discuss hal ni..Jom kita bincng tentang keje.. Sapa yang masih menganggur?? Siapa yang akan menghadiri interview? Kali ni sekali lagi Anny nak share with all of u, famous amos question to be ask and how to answer that’squestion versi kedua..Jom ramai2 terjah.

Q.Why are you considering leaving your present job?

A. Regardless of the reason, do not bad mouth your current employer.Negativism will always hurt you. Good answers include: “There is no roomfor growth at my current employer. I am looking for a company with long term growth opportunities”. “Due to a company restructuring, my entire department is relocating to Florida. I was give the option of moving, but do not wish to relocate”. “My current company is not doing well, and has been laying off employees. There is no job security there, and more layoffs are expected”.

Q.What are your goals for the future?

A. “My long term goals are to find a company where I can grow,continue to learn, take on increasing responsibilities, and be a positivecontributor”.

Q.How do you handle stress and pressure?

A. “I find that I work better under pressure, and I enjoy working inan environment that is challenging.” “I am the type of person that diffuses stress. I am used to working in a demanding environment withdeadlines, and enjoy the challenges.”

Q.We have met several candidates. Why are you the one we should hire?

A. Give definite examples of your skills and accomplishments. Be positive,and emphasize how your background matches the job description. (question-and-answers-for-interview.)

Q.What do you know about our company?

A. This question is used to see if you have prepared for the interview.Candidates that have researched the company are more appealing. Companies likeprepared, organized candidates.

Q.What are your greatest strengths?

A. Be positive and honest. “My greatest strength is maximizing theefficiency of my staff. I have successfully lead numerous teams on difficultprojects. I have an excellent ability to identify and maximize each of mystaffs strengths.” Give examples.

Q.Tell me about your greatest weakness?

A. It is very important to give a strength that compensates for yourweakness. Make your weakness into a positive. “I consider myself a 'bigpicture' person. I sometimes skip the small details. For this reason, I alwayshave someone on my team that is very detail oriented.” Another goodanswer: “Sometimes, I get so excited and caught up in my work that Iforget that my family life should be my number one priority.”

p/s: Harap ini dapat membantu. Apa pun yang kita buat, ikhlas dan yakin. Inya'Allah. Gud luck semua..


  1. akak ni buat bahasa inggeris pulak..susah saya nak paham..hehe

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