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Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome Ms Soon-to-be-PHOTOGENIC

First of all, I do not know why suddenly I felt to write something in English.. Because this is my first time so I want to share with all of u something outside of my world..No more love and past history.. the world that I met since February 2010..actually frankly say..thanks to my best frenz aween.. because of you..i know the way to treat myself and I love the way I am rite know..mmmuuuaaahhhh to you aween..

Sharing is loving lor my now i want to share with all of you how to look hot WOW in all your pics.. Steps that u need to follow to unleash urs inner star and now are u ready to be Ms Soon-to-be-PHOTOGENIC~~
step 1 : Shoes matter

red high heels
Even if urs feet aren't in shoot, throw on a high pair of heels. its will change the way u stand, give confidence and make u fell sexy.
looks confidence and show off ur assets
in all ur pics.
step 2: Be comfy
Every girls will look goods casual or glam because her confidence radiates through and that is beatiful.

step 3: Work your good sides
Need to focus to ur own greatest assets. Example, plump up ur lips, show off ur long legs or cinch a belt at ur small waist. Its not only to show off ur body part but its also can be acessories that u wearing that day. 
step 4 : Capture a moment
my best pic last month..
promoting myself  :)
Each photo are telling the story and try to make it look spontaneous instead of " im ready for the shot". Try to imagine, close ur eye, i magine a thought, open ur eyes and sell that thought.
step 5: Lighten up
When outdoors, try to avoid mild day sun as it creates shadow under the eyes, nose and chin.

step 6: Smiles with ur eye
Sound silly but a sincere and genuine smile will always reach the eyes. 
lastly: Practice..Practice..Practice..
The more pics u take, the more the poses becond second nature. Very soon u will be naturally photogenic.

And know, after trying all this, look back to ur old album..then u will realize u already change to someone else and im very sure u will like it.. and now lets rounds up the smiles, poses and pros to help u find urs profile perfect angle. :)